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About us

About us

About us

Petals Agro Nepal is a family proud to serve you only the finest flower and plant arrangements (especially indoor decorative). As an importer and exporter of plants and flowers from Holland and many other European countries, we are committed to offering you a wide collection of local as well as imported plants and flowers (both indoor and outdoor).

Furthermore, our professional and helpful staff always puts an extra effort to provide you with only the freshest floral and plant arrangements and gifts. With service that is prompt and friendly, we want to make sure that your experience with us is a pleasant one.

Maybe it’s for someone’s wedding or birthday or it’s for decorating your house or for yourself, our florists have fun and creative ideas of arranging the plants and flowers to make it special. You are sure to put a smile on your face with a nice bouquet of flowers and plants.

Our Story

After understanding about plant and flower market in Nepal and contacting floral and plant distributors from other countries, we decided to start a similar service in Nepal. And, we opened PetalAgro Nepal with its head office at Lalitpur, Khumaltar with a team of professional florists to provide the best products (indoor and outdoor products) and customer service.

We made a huge display of fresh local as well as imported flowers inside the shop. Customers would be able to wander around the store to adore the beauty and fragrance of a flower by taking their time. We also have a few selections of outdoor plants and flowers.

As a grower and distributor of local floral and plant products, we have established our main production farm in Makwanpur Region. We also have another production farm near the head office in Lalitpur, Khumatar.

Today, we have an alluring selection of flowers and plants gathered from all around the world. We also have an online webshop available with a list of all flowers and plants from our inventory to make shopping easier.

Our team

We are proud to have a family of hardworking and talented florist teams and the wonderful work environment that we have created. From a single rose to a wedding bouquet or numerous indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, our team is more than happy to help you in any way.

We aim to empower our employees by providing them with opportunities for self-growth and the ability to work in a team. We also encourage our team members to encourage and help new members to understand the flower and plant market better and improve communication skills.
We love flowers and plants and take pleasure in preparing a nice bouquet for you.

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